23:46 15-04-2009
This is a wicked site.......The top buzz sets are awesome......1991/92 were the best years for me...This site is a top trip down memory lane....Nice One!!
20:16 30-03-2009
Wicked site! make a 34 year old very happy! keep it up!
22:19 27-03-2009
All Eyes On Me
New Alcatraz Underground - Old Skool Will Never Die - True History Of The Old Style Party -
13:10 14-03-2009
Hey. So very bog history about as you i do not see nowhere.
That name under you webpage is a very big. I mus download all mixs on this page.
Heh. So is it for a long time listen. THX for you.
Good luck for next making.


21:48 12-03-2009
Great Site - really bringing back some memories. Not heard some of these tunes for over 20 years. 89/90/91/92 can never be beaten!!! Got to be Stu Allen, Doc Scott & Mann Paris for me no one could touch them. Shelleys forever and hello to anyone from Sheffield!
21:14 08-03-2009
come down to the station house your son is dead !
21:11 08-03-2009
mr kirk your son is dead !
02:35 25-02-2009
Fav, haven't dropped by for a while , everything still lookin' top notch, i think i have just seen a photo of you , universe's first bash in wales?. Richy Haines, Pentwyn.cheers fav.
23:25 06-02-2009
Listen Up peeps. Can you believe its 20 years since the 2nd summer of love way back in 88/89.Myself and a few promoters are working on a one off rave for the summer. so all the ravers who must be in their mid 30's and 40's who were there can have one last bash. Keep yourear to the ground. PEACE........MasterCutz
17:55 01-02-2009
its good ya
15:54 27-01-2009
Hi there anyone from morecambe
05:50 26-01-2009
yo, beats r fuckin big. soon we gonna refresh this vibe im tellin u
21:30 19-01-2009
memories of how it all started mixes & footage......Goosebump city.

I feel like its 88 and i wanna experience the whole thing all over again.

If only
23:27 07-01-2009
purple ohm
This site is tidy init ! i from blaina gwent like cant say my name as im on dabown no and got no respect! Clyro court the bunka and park hotel wormelow tidy!duffdee from brynmawr still a fat twt
03:37 06-01-2009
Been on here for hours, be on here for a lot more , OUTSTANDING SITE !
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