22:53 17-04-2010
Great site keep it up. How do you save the mixes please? Top Buzz were my favourite DJ's and Favs mixes are wicked!
19:34 13-04-2010
Amazing site guys. Wish I could go back in time and have it again. Bukem at Big Love. What a great set. Still one of the best ever. So much energy. Shame the noise police ruined that night. Keep the scene alive.
22:30 28-03-2010
just thaught i,d pop in n say fanx 4 a wikid site it`s made my month.i wana go partEEin naw!ahaha
13:56 25-03-2010
Rikochet - JMA
Awesome site guys. Really helped me fill a bunch of missing sets from my collection. 20 years on and I still can't get enough of the old skool! Thanks for sharing. Cheers!
11:48 23-03-2010
Sam Williams
Great Site!

Loved the old raving days 89-93 were the best for me ... i myself took hundreds of photos at the time and have made a site for them ...
let us know what you think be grateful for feedback
12:15 20-03-2010
dean webster
i was there...wicked memories,wicked site.......
20:20 18-03-2010
gary siddall
can the mixes be saved to my hard drive ??
00:43 17-03-2010
any one know about any parties around here in europe??
13:08 04-03-2010
Not only playing the finest oldskool of the 90s
but also panio house,jungle,dubstep and the latest wobbleyhouse releases .
we welcome all mixes and will play them if its any good also looking for djs to co host mon/tues nights . thanx
20:44 23-02-2010
oldskool acko
nye big bad head TOPBUZZ what a fucking set.............. any1 frm london get the f**k out and go nxt door absolute class. are u ready for the rumble TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTOPBUZZ
13:57 19-01-2010
top notch site! found this site years ago and nothin was on it now its got all the tracks and mixes from the good old days wicked!
14:08 10-12-2009
You know ... I never thought in a million years i would find a site with so many tracks that reminded me of my hedonistic youth .. and to think .. almost 20 years ago Much respect to you for taking the time out to put this website together.. you certainly have brought back some very happy memories and i really cant thank you enough
12:51 27-11-2009
by the way for the dipshits out there: right click and then click save as and save to my music otherwise it ll go to temporary internet files
12:39 27-11-2009
yo cheers to all who ve help made this site possible, Used to take the tapes off my bro when i was a kid back in 93 and played them over until they mangled and snapped, Thought id never hear these sets again, Especially Top Buzz the absolute Kings of Oldskool. is top of the pops as well
17:06 13-11-2009
hi great site takes me back to when i got my first car. going sitting in random car parks and maccy d drive throughs listening to these wicked tunes with my mates.keep up the good work
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