05:41 18-09-2009
This site take me the days (nights) of dancing in a barn then stumbling out into a field at some ungodly hour in the morning watching the sun come up and thinking "where the f**k am i" Then thinking just another pill and a few more hours in the tent and i'll head home

Castle Morton and Lechlade spring to mind and maybe just a little Forest Hill ?!?

Mandatory party questions:
Whats's ya name
Where ya from
What ya done
15:04 20-08-2009
14:02 20-08-2009
Peace & respect
Margo & Michel
03:40 20-08-2009
finally got some of the mixes down....awesome memories and actually found a copy of a tape that i lost 15 years ago....brilliant!!
20:42 19-08-2009
you dream of Heaven!!!!!!!!!
13:12 17-08-2009
was thinkin about joinin ur forums if u got a spare space?
18:28 15-08-2009
tryin to download some of the mixes but havin no luck! can anyone help???
18:26 15-08-2009
tryin to download some of the mixes but havin no luck can anyone help???
23:29 14-08-2009
Hi . Is there any way of getting copies of the gloddiggers / devotion files you have ? Can't get them anywhere !!!!!

21:34 13-08-2009
19:36 28-07-2009
Old Skool Will Never Die - New Alcatraz Underground - Love the music! Hate the drugs!!!

New Alcatraz Underground
17:17 09-07-2009
aka dj pioneer still love it . hardcore till i die . never beat those days 90 to 92 time,raindance,eclipse,shelleys,institute,mosley dancecentre,starlight,danceplanet,fantazia BIG RESPECT GOIN OUT TO TELFORD AND DERBY CREWS peace and love from DOOG FRED SEAN navi poss'E'
16:30 18-06-2009
My new favourite website, all the classic mixes from the Universes I went to and the EZ Groove Fantazia NYE 91 tape that got me into this s**t in the first place!
00:15 10-06-2009
This Is A Superior Site For Old Skool Jungle Music (As It's Now Known As These Days) And Has Been A Massive Help For Gathering Tracklists For All My Old Dance Trance Tapes.
00:14 06-06-2009
wow i am 36, and 1 thing i will never forget is the rave scene, i used to love buying my white labels every week and getting home and slamming them on my 1210s, played on a same line up as ratty, them were the days, so glad i was part of it
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