14:36 13-11-2009
hello old timers tryin to get in touch with tommy n tony old frendz u fuckin legendzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
21:11 09-11-2009
Hi can anbody tell me the names of the happy piano tunes at the end of the opertaion parot documentary
16:05 06-11-2009
Great site, keeping the vibe alive.

I'm trying to register. How does one go about this?
11:16 24-10-2009
mint site - found some mixes i been after for ages - thanks! :-)
01:36 03-10-2009
never even went to a proper hardcore rave, until innovation, old skool hardcore armchair raver through and through. big shoutout to whoever put this site together, good work for cataloging one of the most influential times in rave history! booo
13:22 25-09-2009
WoW, I've been looking for so many of the Mixes you have here, how do I get them on .mp3

Had the ProducerTanith on tap, Bugger got stolen in the radio - never to be seen again.

My home was Kinetic, first outing was Aston Villa, Nemesis - Wow Ratty & Robbie Dee if I had the Quest of those two that would be Awesome - great site, I'll be back.
05:41 18-09-2009
This site take me the days (nights) of dancing in a barn then stumbling out into a field at some ungodly hour in the morning watching the sun come up and thinking "where the f**k am i" Then thinking just another pill and a few more hours in the tent and i'll head home

Castle Morton and Lechlade spring to mind and maybe just a little Forest Hill ?!?

Mandatory party questions:
Whats's ya name
Where ya from
What ya done
15:04 20-08-2009
14:02 20-08-2009
Peace & respect
Margo & Michel
03:40 20-08-2009
finally got some of the mixes down....awesome memories and actually found a copy of a tape that i lost 15 years ago....brilliant!!
20:42 19-08-2009
you dream of Heaven!!!!!!!!!
13:12 17-08-2009
was thinkin about joinin ur forums if u got a spare space?
18:28 15-08-2009
tryin to download some of the mixes but havin no luck! can anyone help???
18:26 15-08-2009
tryin to download some of the mixes but havin no luck can anyone help???
23:29 14-08-2009
Hi . Is there any way of getting copies of the gloddiggers / devotion files you have ? Can't get them anywhere !!!!!

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