12:30 04-06-2010
Greets... lol ;D
12:29 04-06-2010
Super!!! Greeds from Poland
23:03 03-05-2010
Zajebista strona :] Dzięki chłopaki
08:47 02-05-2010
20:52 30-04-2010
I have an old Top Buzz tape from one of the 'best of the best' nights that i went to in Club Kinetic 1993. Still sounds wicked now. If you want it to put in the Top Buzz mixes section then let me know. Muchos Gracias for all the mixes on this site.
11:31 26-04-2010
northeast legend no1raver rave heaven i am raver i keep on praying to jesus in all rave clubs
15:56 25-04-2010
Loving the website... Saw Top Buzz in December 09 doing an old skool set and Mickey Finn with Bassman still loving it.
10:50 23-04-2010
Acid Raver
New Acid House Blog Created by Acid House Party Pioneer Wayne Anthony
who also wrote the book Class of 88. Lots of Exclusive Content for anyone interested in the birth of Rave Parties in the UK
22:53 17-04-2010
Great site keep it up. How do you save the mixes please? Top Buzz were my favourite DJ's and Favs mixes are wicked!
19:34 13-04-2010
Amazing site guys. Wish I could go back in time and have it again. Bukem at Big Love. What a great set. Still one of the best ever. So much energy. Shame the noise police ruined that night. Keep the scene alive.
22:30 28-03-2010
just thaught i,d pop in n say fanx 4 a wikid site it`s made my month.i wana go partEEin naw!ahaha
13:56 25-03-2010
Awesome site guys. Really helped me fill a bunch of missing sets from my collection. 20 years on and I still can't get enough of the old skool! Thanks for sharing. Cheers!
11:48 23-03-2010
Great Site!

Loved the old raving days 89-93 were the best for me ... i myself took hundreds of photos at the time and have made a site for them ...
let us know what you think be grateful for feedback
12:15 20-03-2010
i was there...wicked memories,wicked site.......
20:20 18-03-2010
can the mixes be saved to my hard drive ??
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