16:18 09-01-2012
Mr. B
What has happened to this website recently!?!? All the mixes seem to have disappeared. I don't understand why because many, if not most of the mixes on this site are unobtainable anywhere else, so what's happening?? If it's down to copyright infringement, then just remove the stuff that you CAN buy (i.e. Fantazia, Universe to name two). Anyway, I hope this website gets back to its old self soon...
20:59 08-01-2012
Hi, how come I cannot play the files anymore? Dont work with Real player? Puts me thro to another screen, which I just dont understand? Eitherway, no more Jungle here? help?
10:48 22-12-2011
Thank you for all the wonderful mixes here, you are doing a great job, big up!
22:18 22-11-2011
went to all the obsessions kinetics and fantazias I could from 90 to 96 had the best times.
now i can have them back.
Kickin it lively big up the HWND
22:27 28-08-2011
sick wicked music from the old skool, loving it
03:07 12-08-2011
hardcore will never die. puRe love x
20:09 15-07-2011
I like it hard core
14:51 28-05-2011
This is like finding a treasurechest full of all the tapes you ever wanted when you were a kid....i'm chuffed to bits.

Thanks to Network records for getting me into Techno in 1990.....Respect to the Top Buzz crew and all the DJ that used to do the do......and the clubs- The Eclipse, Rage and The Sanctuary 1991-1994 for delivering the dream.

00:55 10-04-2011
Quality chewnz, many thanks
09:31 24-02-2011
Love te site!! Love the music! Tnx for keeping the music alive!!! ;-)
00:57 22-02-2011
Oi Oi, Wicked site - big up to - hardcore is in my blood, love it and love keeping the vibe alive.
03:15 10-01-2011
Fuckin mint site, especially the old hardcore techno. Bn lookin for a mass of that s**t to follow up me rezerection n galactica tapes
22:22 16-11-2010
schweeeeeeeeeeeeet fukkin tunes t wot..big up all the hardcore massive up in this bitch
16:08 24-09-2010
loving the mixes.been looking for som shellys mixes for finalyther right hear.thanx to hard core will never die.keep up the good work.thanx
20:51 13-09-2010
Great site, Tracklists are really helpful.
i noticed that Vinylgroover dreamscape 12 had the first track id blank.
If anyone is interested or you want to put it up the tune is called Pyrate - Bycance (Voodoo Records)
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