23:39 23-06-2016
Nice to see the site still going Thanks Mr Fav regards!
17:53 22-02-2016
Happy Holi
17:11 24-01-2014
dave the rave
no1raver northeast i love my old skool hardcore hardstyle
15:35 01-08-2013
no1raver northeast legend hardcore is the best
15:31 01-08-2013
dave the rave
northeast no1raver rave heaven i am a raver byy 2 dave the rave dave common and dave mcclluen
18:17 23-05-2013
can the owner of sasha at shelleys plz make it recordable
18:06 04-12-2012
In the process of moving all the content to another server. Normal service will be resumed shortly.
06:41 31-10-2012
It appears that none of your links to the .ram files works........ whats happenned? Used to love this site for the reference.

Hope you can get it up and fixed soon.

18:58 10-09-2012
david common
rave heaven mix
16:19 20-08-2012
david common
me dave the rave no1raver northeast legend rave heaven i am a raver all the time my tune is all over the world
05:35 27-04-2012
First up let me say great site, I've been a fan for years and have found many an old school tune that I never knew the name of on here, it was like hunting for easter eggs previously, until I found you guys
Secondly, I tried signing up for your forum a few days ago but haven't got anything back, anyway I need two tracks ID'd, I was going through my old CD collection and found a few that weren't ID'd and thought if anyone would know it would be you guys.
00:45 08-02-2012
Awaiting patiently....
01:36 28-01-2012
Sorry about the missing audio. We lost one of the domains and need to rehost all of the material on another server. That's around 8000 files so it's going to take some time to fix. We will be back. hardcorewillneverdie.
00:03 17-01-2012
same as what everyone else has said get this site running again its one of if not the best old skool hardcore site on the net
16:18 09-01-2012
Mr. B
What has happened to this website recently!?!? All the mixes seem to have disappeared. I don't understand why because many, if not most of the mixes on this site are unobtainable anywhere else, so what's happening?? If it's down to copyright infringement, then just remove the stuff that you CAN buy (i.e. Fantazia, Universe to name two). Anyway, I hope this website gets back to its old self soon...
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